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From the keyboard of Edmund Loh

Dear Friend,

How would you like to wake up in the morning to an Inbox stuffed with sales notifications like these?

Recent screen shot of one of my Inbox

Yes, this is a screen shot taken from one of my Inbox recently and yes, I get sales notifications like this flooding into my email accounts every single day... for the last few years!

Now I'm aware that screen shots like that can be easily faked or doctored but I challenge you to do a google search on my name "edmund loh" and you'll see that I've been around for quite some time. And solid enough to generate this kind of income...

This is just a preview to what I make from the Internet every single day, and I'm showing you NOT with the intention to brag, but to impress upon you that this can very well be your own reality too!

Because where I'm leading up to is this...


If You Want To Start Making Big Bucks, You Gotta Start Having Your Own Products

If you take a look at all the top marketers and successful experts you know, they have a few things in common... and one of them, I guarantee, is that they have their own products!

Before I had my first product, I was making a few hundred up to a couple of thousands of dollars a month through selling other people's products for a commission.

But when I started to sell MY OWN products I was generating tens of thousands of dollars...

... High Five Figure And Even Six Figure Months Were Not Uncommon!

7 Good Reasons Why You Should
Have Your Own Product...

  1. You keep 100% of the sales! Unlike affiliate marketing whereby you earn only a percentage of the sales, you keep all the sales you generate minus the transaction fees, which are usually very small they are negligible!

  2. It's instant! You don't have to wait 30 days for your affiliate check to arrive and when you get paid on the spot, why worry about cash flow?

  3. You can make changes anyhow you want. You're in charge of your own product so you have virtually UNLIMITED flexibility!

  4. Build your own brand! If you're ready to work hard and commit your efforts to the fullest, why spend your entire energy pushing other people's product when you can very well invest in your own business?

  5. Get perceived as an expert or an authority figure!

  6. You are in charge of your own product policies. And also...

  7. You are in full control of your sales funnels! Keep your customers and earn all the profits you make - over and over and over again!

These are the exact reasons why I decided to be my own vendor many years ago. After being an affiliate for other people's products most of the time, I learned that the BIG money is in having my own products.

DON'T GET ME WRONG... I make good money as an affiliate. And I know so many other people earning a good living peddling other people's products. But here's the thing: if you want to make BIG money, it's in having your own products.

I am in the business of selling information. The 'products' I talk about often here refer to digital products - anything that's downloadable. E-Books, videos, audio, software, membership sites, scripts, templates, instant and pre-made websites... you get the idea!

Though I favor selling video products among them all for many great reasons... for one, videos outsell E-Books 3 to 1!

So doesn't it make sense if you start selling YOUR OWN products?


But There Are Some Problems...

... And it's called Product Creation.

This ravine deep barrier is what's been keeping a lot of people from unlocking that HUGE reservoir of online wealth!

True Story - - - in my early days of Internet Marketing, I was so desperate for money I would write an e-book a day... for 7 days in a row!

In spite of the feat, I nearly died doing that!

While I was able to profit from my own products at that time, if you ask me to do it again I WON'T. Because I outsource most, if not all, of my product creation now.

But then again, not everyone have deep pockets do they?


Why So Many People Are Struggling To Make Even A Dime Online...

Face The Facts:

Creating a product can take weeks - or MONTHS. And the problem with wasting too much time on product creation in today's fast pace technology? Your competitors with more money or a bigger team will beat you to it. By the time your product is ready, your competitor had already launched his product and is counting his profits.

Sure you can outsource the creation of your product, but what price will you be willing to pay - thousands of dollars? If you are like most other marketers on a shoe string budget, this is a risk beyond what you can handle right now.

Then there's copywriting. I write my own sales letters and even after years of mastery, writing a sales copy can take several days up to a couple of weeks. If you want at least decent sales copy done for you, be prepared to set aside a budget of at least $1,500 though it's not uncommon for top gun copywriters to charge anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 in today's dollars!

What about graphics? Add a few more hundred bucks going to the pockets of your designer!

... And you know what? You haven't even started marketing yet!


But I've Got The Solution To Every Marketer's Problem!

What if I were to solve ALL of these product problems for you? So you can focus on marketing and keep all the sales yourself - No Profit Sharing Involved!

I've been in this business for years and I'm still going to be here for a long time to come. I love Internet Marketing - it's exciting, highly profitable and above all, I owe my financial freedom to this amazing opportunity of the century.

And if you're looking for an easy, legitimate and highly profitable "shortcut" to become the next marketing tycoon then you're about to be in for a treat...

As you probably already know by now, it's difficult to get rich off just one product nowadays; you need to have an expansive product line to make a deep, positive impact on your monthly profits.

So I'm going to shoulder ALL your product research and creation chores and hand you a business in a box wait, make that 2 business in a box every month!

This means you don't have to meddle with the following any more...

You are in charge. You are at liberty to edit the products and rebrand them to your advantage. And no, I am not about to bill you $4,997 for 'Internet Business customization' (though I've done this for clients in the past).

So with great pleasure...


>>> Get Instant Access To PLRGold: Monthly Now <<<

Here's A Further Breakdown What You Get Every Month From PLRGold: Monthly -

2 x High Quality, HOT Demand Video Course With Private Label Rights Each Month!


Every month, you will get 2 instant video businesses aimed at rabid demand topics on Internet Marketing and General Business.

Take a look at the bestselling titles in your local bookstore, on marketplaces like Amazon and ClickBank... notice that easily 75% of their bestsellers are in these categories?

And if you want to massive income from the information business, there is no wiser decision than starting with video oriented products - whether you're selling presentation based videos or screen capture tutorials!

100% Original Content - I take pride in my product creation. All these videos were developed from scratch and none of them contain rehashed content from other people's Private Label Rights or even Public Domain.

Based on HOT sub niche topics in Internet Marketing and General Business - I know this by heart because this is where a big part of my business operates. So all the research is done for you so you don't have to!

Videos include screen capture tutorials useful for 'how to' information products!

Also included are presentation based videos which have the high potential to sell high ticket!

Voice over already included so you don't have to do your own!

You get editing rights to the video courses - if you want to do your own edits or watermark the videos (i.e. add in your website URL or logo) the AVI files are included so you can do your own custom editing easily.

Alternatively if you want to use or sell the videos as they are, you can just use the FLASH videos!

Professionally Written Sales Letter And Thank You Page!

You don't have to break your bank account for this... because I'm including a sales letter and thank you page with each of the video courses!

I personally wrote the copy for all of the video courses, and those in the pipeline so you don't have to crack your head for days or even weeks as you painfully forge your own sales piece!

I'm giving this to you so you can put your name and order link, slap it up on your website and start selling quickly! Feel free to edit the sales letter too - you can add your own bonuses and also customize your Thank You page feel anyhow you want!

For the record, I charge my clients up to $5,000 per sales piece so in a real essence this is a multiple thousand dollar work handed to you on a silver platter!

Killer Graphics Package + PSD Files


I've paid top dollar to get some of the best graphic designers in the Internet Marketing arena to create first grade covers and mini site graphics to go with each of the video courses!

First impression is truly everything. You have a window of virtually less than 5 seconds to make or break the first impression when your visitor arrives at your website. If you want to rake in HUGE cash you should dress your website for success!

With each video course, you get the editable rights to the 2D and 3D E-Covers, and Mini Site graphics! You can edit the PSD files in Adobe Photoshop and add your name or URL, or even change the title of the E-Covers - it's your choice!

Presentation Slides (where applicable)


Some video courses I'm releasing every month are presentation based videos, which include a major or overall use of presentation slides. Don't be surprised to know that many high ticket home study courses that go for $497 - $997 are of this format!

The PPT presentation slides can be edited in PowerPoint or you can use them in your offline or online presentation!

Video Transcripts (where applicable)


Some video courses come ready with full 'word for word' transcription in WORD and PDF format, if they are presentation based videos. This is a welcoming idea for another extra income stream for you!

Consider this content repurposing idea: You can do your own voice over simply by following these transcripts. Can be sold as a standalone E-Book or complement the audio/video product!

Private Label Rights And Other Licenses!

Your Licenses

As a highly esteemed member of PLRGold: Monthly, you get exclusive Private Label Rights to the video businesses you get each month!

You can generate and keep all the profits you make from selling to end users... or if you want to make extra bang for the bucks from licensing the Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights to these videos - I've taken the liberty to do these additional licenses for you so you don't have to write your own terms from scratch anymore!

>>> Nice! Give Me Instant Access Now! <<<


Have A Sneak Peak At The Starter PLR Videos Already Waiting For You In The Members Area:

... And Here's What You're Getting Next Month:

And More In The Pipeline...

  • The High Ticket Blueprint course

  • How to make money from Twitter

  • Earn $20,000 a month from the Consulting business!

  • Massive impact and high ticket sales from doing your own webinars!

  • Stuff in five figure paychecks from ClickBank affiliate marketing

  • Video marketing at its finest...

+PLUS More PLR Video Collection Every Month!


So What Can You Do With The Private Label Rights To These Video Courses? Here Are Just Some Of The Many Money-Making Ideas:

Brand the video series as your own - you can put your name or pen name on the videos as the author or speaker!

Change the titles and sub titles - put in your website URL, add your company or brand name, or re-title the products completely altogether!

Edit the videos - you can edit the videos in AVI format and reproduce them again in Flash format. Alternatively, you can use the videos just as they are!

Use as video content in your paid membership site - make your website more interactive and create more 'sticky' value so your members will log into your member's area more frequently, and build rapport!

Sell the product and keep 100% of the profits!

Change or edit the graphics - the raw PSD files are also given so you can easily edit the E-Cover graphics to put your name and website URL!

Go high ticket! Create and compile your own home study course!

Make your own product bundle and sell at a higher price!

Offer the products in your One-Time Offer or back-end - boost your monthly income by closing in additional sales from the same customers without increasing your effort!

Sell the products with Basic Resell Rights - you can make additional income by offering the exclusive Resell Rights license to your customers who are interested in reselling the audio and videos. This is a perfect extra income stream for many!

Or sell the products with Master Resell Rights - charge premium price for the Master Resell Rights privilege to the audio/videos!

Use for personal use only. Even if you have no plans of reselling the product, you can watch the videos and learn cutting edge business and hardcore Internet Marketing strategies in just hours!


I'd be lying if I said that this is the only Private Label Rights membership around, although I am one of the earliest pioneers to popularize the concept of using PLR content in the Internet Marketing arena. And no doubt, I have spawned a host of imitators since.

I've been selling hundreds of unique PLR titles for years, and there's a good reason why many of the top marketing names are among my clients. Here's what some of them have to say:



And by any chance, are you a member of the Warrior Forum? I have released several of my PLR products to the Warrior Special Offers forum, and here's what some of them have to say (some of them might be your friends in this forum!)


Warrior Forum Testimonials

If you know anything about the Warrior Forum, you'll know that people here rarely B.S. and are vigilant when it comes to Internet Marketing product reviews and quality.

Agree With Me On This: you can't make a lasting fortune from crappy, half-ass baked products like what a lot of wanna-be marketers out there are doing right now.

Even the fake 'gurus' were proven wrong when they tried to put together a fast, crap product and hustle the market for millions... because 80% to 100% of their customers re-voted for a refund just as quick!

If you want to make SOLID money in VOLUMES and MAGNITUDE, you can never lose the bet if you peddle high quality products that people NEED.

And if you want to know how to make that kind of money - and I'm talking about high 6 figures to 7 figures A YEAR - this Fast Action Bonus is yours for the taking:

4 + 1 Webinar Replays To My $100K A Year PLR Mentoring Program!

Prior to this offer, I had held two online classes teaching and coaching my students live on how to build an online business that generates at least $100,000 a year using Private Label Content.

I discussed 4 totally unique models on turning idle PLR products in your hard drive into recurring income machines - the same strategies I have used to rake in to the tune of high 6 figures a year!

I covered several real life case studies, like one such scenario when I generated more than $19,000 in just 6 days and 3,000 leads in under 2 weeks using... guess what? PLR products thought to be 'dead' and 'too rehashed'!

When I was conducting the webinars, I had saved the replays from each session. FYI my students have enrolled starting at $497 each to learn all these LIVE from me.

So if you're seeing this... and you decide to lock in your membership today, you will get access to my archive of webinar replays from this closed door program!

But I can't promise that this is going to be around forever so I suggest acting NOW and you can get this invaluable bonus at no extra cost.

This is a real $497 + $297 value!

>>> Okay, Give Me PLRGold: Monthly And
Your Fast Action Bonuses Now! <<<

This is where my PLRGold™ products separate themselves from the rest of my copycat competitors out there. You've heard what my top marketing clients have to say, and with over 2,000 people voting PLRGold™ with their credit cards, you can rebrand these products and sell as your own with full confidence!

I'll even stake my reputation on it with a guarantee!

Guarantee Policy


So How Much To Get Access To All The Premium Stuffs At PLRGold: Monthly?

I don't like to hype things up so I'm going straight to the point. Ask anyone who do their own products and they tell you it takes months. Ask anyone who outsource this frustration and they tell you it costs thousands of dollars easily.

But PLRGold: Monthly won't cost anywhere near that.

Not $5,000. Not $1,000. Not $500. But just $67 a month.

And you get access instantly. Every month, I will be sending you 2 brand new Private Label Rights a.k.a turnkey Internet Business - complete with everything I've described to you on this page. Each product covers a hot, evergreen marketing topic with abundance of buyer's demand.

Sell just 2 copies at $37 - not only you cover your investment, you profit!

I've cut out all these time and effort consuming process so you can get an UNFAIR advantage most newbies don't but yearn to have. This is truly going to level the playing field between you and the marketing top guns!

And you know what? Your monthly investment isn't forever.

I will send to you 2 turnkey Private Label Rights video package every month for the next 12 months. And after that, you don't have to pay a single cent further.

I have no intention of billing you forever in spite of the already low investment... and by the end of the 12th month, you will have more than 2 dozen products pulling in multiple income streams for you!

NOTE: Yes I said 'more than 2 dozen' because I am throwing in additional bonus PLRs every now and then too!

Now If you fail to see the value you're getting here, you're insane.

It's either this OR go back to the old way you used to know - do time consuming niche research, create your products the hard and painful way, and after toiling for weeks (if not months) you wonder how other people can accomplish your feat in mere hours or days.

This is a total no-brainer. No contest about that.

And if you thought everything you're getting here is already super awesome, I've saved the best surprise for the last...

For The First 100
53 People You Can Lock Your Membership At Just $67.00/mth $29.97/mth!

For obvious reasons, I don't want to keep this membership open ended. As a matter of fact, I am leaning more towards limiting the number of members having access to just about 250 in total. I mean, won't it suck if 10,000 people have Private Label Rights to the same product? That just don't make sense!

But because PLRGold: Monthly is newly introduced, first 100 people can lock your membership access at special early bird price of just $67.00 a month $29.97 a month! (SAVE 45%)

2 x Private Label Rights To Video Courses with AVI and FLASH videos

Professionally written Sales Letter and Thank You page with each video collection

Killer Graphics Set for each video courses - covers and mini site graphics available in JPEG and PSD format

Powerpoint Presentation Slides for presentation based videos

Full Transcript for presentation based videos - you can do your own voice over or repackage as an e-book for sale

Fast Action Bonus #1: 4 + 1 webinar replay to Edmund Loh's $100K A Year PLR Mentoring Program

Unannounced Bonus #2: *Extra* Private Label Rights goodies every now and then!

I am also protected by your 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee! I cannot lose.

NOTE: your monthly purchase is for 12 months only. After the 12th month, your recurring subscription will stop and you will be no longer billed.

See you inside!

Edmund Loh
-- Edmund Loh
Internet Entrepreneur, Creator of PLRGold™ Products


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