Fun Mobile Games You Can Play With Your Girlfriend

Fun Mobile Games You Can Play With Your Girlfriend

There comes a time in every relationship when the two of you simply run out of things to do. When that happens, few people actually think to look up mobile games for two players. There are loads of these games, and they’re great for killing time or even getting to know one another better. 

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not, there’s always a way to become closer. Below you’ll find a list of the finest mobile games to play with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or what have you. 

Mobile Games With Your Girlfriend

Words With Friends 2

If you’re a fan of Scrabble, as well as a bit of competition, then Words With Friends 2 is the game you need. It’s a much-loved classic game that you two can play for as long as you like. 

The point of the game is to find words made out of letters you are given. The longer the word, the more points you get. It’s a great way to get those gears in your heads working, as well as a chance to let your creative side shine. Any word geek would enjoy WWF2!

NameDeveloperPlatformAvailable onPriceIn-app purchases
Words With Friends 2Zynga Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Facebook, Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire, WindowsApple App Store, Google PlayFreeYes


Fans of board games regularly praise Carcassonne as one of the finest mobile board games out there. People love it so much, in fact, that it won the iPhone Game of the Year award several times! Even Reddit supports it, as it’s the most often mentioned game when someone asks about the best mobile games to play with their girlfriend.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this game is how easy it is to learn while still providing a challenge. In Carcassonne, you create medieval cities, roads, and much more — you can even enjoy a bit of Solitaire. The game’s multiplayer is available in both online and LAN.

NameDeveloperPlatformAvailable onPriceIn-app purchases
CarcassonneAsmodee Digital
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, FacebookGoogle Play, Apple App Store$9.99Yes

HQ Trivia

When talking about HQ Trivia, we aren’t just talking about a fun game, we’re also talking about a game where you can win actual real money. It saw bountiful popularity when it came out in 2018, and it shows no signs of stopping!

For those who don’t know, this is a live trivia game that has people coming back time after time. At some point, there was even an award of about $10,000 for the next winner. You could be the next lucky person, just get the game and sign in at 9 PM EDT and 3 PM EDT on weekdays.

NameDeveloperPlatformAvailable onPriceIn-app purchases
HQ TriviaIntermedia LabsiOS, AndroidGoogle Play, Apple App StoreFreeYes

Hangman HD

When was the last time you played hangman? Outside of school (or if you teach in one), probably a long time ago. Well, now you can relive that nostalgic experience with the one you love. Hangman HD is among the finest hangman-oriented games you’ll find.

For immersion’s sake, the developers created the game’s visuals to resemble an old-time school — dusty chalkboard and all. If you’ve never played hangman, it’s quite simple. You just need to guess the letters in a word (with a few chances to guess wrong). If you’re a big fan of hangman, it doesn’t get much better than this.

NameDeveloperPlatformAvailable onPriceIn-app purchases
Hangman HDOptime Software LLC
iOSApple App StoreFreeNo

Draw Something

Any big fan of Pictionary will jump at the chance to get their girlfriend or other to play Draw Something. This multiplayer game takes that concept and carries it over to the tablet or smartphone format. Despite what you think, this change of equipment isn’t all that much of a hindrance, and you’ll be more than able to express what you want using the touchscreen.

Those with a spark of creativity can really make a great time out of playing Draw Something. Maybe find a unique way to write “I love you?” Just something to think about.

NameDeveloperPlatformAvailable onPriceIn-app purchases
Draw SomethingZyngaiPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire
Google Play, Apple App StoreFreeYes


Patchwork remains one of the most charming and lovable mobile games to play with your girlfriend on iOS devices. Just as a warning, it contains a lot of quilting, but if your girlfriend is fond of such things, then all the more reason to play it.

The gist of it goes as follows. You have a limited stock of yarn, fabrics, and stitches. The goal is to create the softest, fullest quilt possible. In spite of the premise many will find dull, this is actually a really fun game to play. It’s a matter of resource management, and not an easy one at that.

NameDeveloperPlatformAvailable onPriceIn-app purchases
PatchworkAsmodee DigitalWindows Phone, Android, iOSWindows Store, Apple App Store, Google Play$3.99Yes

Pokémon GO

More likely than not, the vast majority of those reading this grew up watching Pokémon. Regardless of that, it may sound strange to add this game to the list. For those who haven’t heard about it, Pokémon GO is a virtual world game that has you looking for Pokémon in the real world.

The truth is that this game can inspire a real adventure for you and your partner. It gets you to go out and explore, visiting places you otherwise wouldn’t as much as think about. It can even serve as a bit of exercise, as you have to move around to play. It’s a massively popular mobile game any fan of the legendary anime can’t go without trying.

NameDeveloperPlatformAvailable onPriceIn-app purchases
Pokémon GONiantic, Inc.iOS, AndroidGoogle Play, Apple App StoreFreeYes

Ticket to Ride

Here comes another board game entry! These kinds of games are terrific for couples, and now you can revel in that fun on the compact iPhone. Ticket to Ride actually stands as one of the top titles on Apple’s App Store.

With this release, you get to relive that thrill of connecting the longest track, but now you may do it without the actual board and cards. Rather, you can play the game from your bed, or while lounging around wherever you please.

NameDeveloperPlatformAvailable onPriceIn-app purchases
Ticket to RideAsmodee Digital
iOS, AndroidGoogle Play, Apple App Store$6.99Yes


For those that have a taste for fantasy, we present Ascension. This is one of the first official deck-builder card games Android and iOS devices have ever seen. The title managed to accrue a huge following, and for good reason. Ascension is awesome, and perfect for couples that love fantasy card games.

Ascension boasts stunning visuals (especially the artwork), and there is a myriad of cards to collect and just as many battles to win or lose. You can challenge your significant other and see how you stack against one another. Great times for every fantasy geek!

NameDeveloperPlatformAvailable onPriceIn-app purchases
AscensionAsmodee DigitaliOS, AndroidGoogle Play, Apple App StoreFreeYes

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