Rival Mobile Slots

Rival Mobile Slots

Rival casino games joined the scene in 2006, and it quickly rose through the metaphorical ranks to become one of the esteemed software providers. In 2014, the software developer announced RIval software would also include mobile versions of their games. Their video slots offer slick graphics and high functionality as many Rival mobile slots with free bonus rounds give players the opportunity to win big.

One of the things that make Rival slots stand out is their collection of i-Slots. i-Slots are more than just a reel-spinning machine — they are actual video games! These online slots have a storyline in them, so you can get fully immersed while playing the game for real money. As you play on and spin the reels, you progress through the story and have additional motivation to keep spinning!

We’re not here, however, to focus only on i-Slots. We’ll go through the best Rival mobile slots. Not all of their slots are available on mobile, and you need to research and find out which are. Luckily for you, we’ve done that for you, and we’ve handpicked ten best mobile slots Rival casinos offer. Here’s our list:

  • Dr. Acula
  • Party Parrot
  • Arabian Tales
  • Reel Party Platinum
  • One Million Reels BC
  • Ocean Treasure
  • Scary Rich 3
  • Vintage Vegas
  • Cleopatra’s Coins
  • Sevens and Bars

Let’s check them out!

Dr. Acula

Dr. Acula Rival Mobile Slots

Dr. Acula is one of the new Rival mobile slots. It’s a classic three-reeler which takes on a well-known horror story of Transylvanian Count Dracula. You can see the paytable at all times on the left of the reels, so you know what the payout is at all times. Dr. Acula, as the name suggests, is an evil doctor experimenting on bodies, and going in tune with him, other symbols include blood bags, syringes, vials, and a vampire nurse.

Dr. Acula represents a wild card which replaces any other symbol and is also the jackpot symbol. Consequently, connecting three of those will get you the maximum 1,000-credit payout! The RTP of this machine is 94.60%.

Party Parrot

This one is another new Rival mobile slot, having come out in March 2018. It has an RTP of 93.74%. The machine has five reels (it’s a 5×3 layout), and you can select up to 25 paylines. The theme is very colorful, placing you in a jungle where animals are throwing a party. Minimum and maximum coin sizes are $0.01 and $0.25, with ten coins per line being the maximum limit.

You can earn up to 20 free spins, while random wilds (up to three of them) fill up the reels to give you better odds of winning. Prizes can be anywhere from 2x to 750x your initial bet. 

Arabian Tales

Arabian Tales, as you’d expect, take on a theme of Arabian Nights, with magic carpets, snake charmers, and daggers filling out five reels. There are 50 paylines, and you can put up to ten coins per line, with the maximum coin size being $0.25. A symbol of a tiger represents a scatter. If you get five of those, you’re in for a 50x multiplier. Sultan Jackpot will give you a — you’ve guessed it — jackpot of up to 2,500 coins.

Additionally, Wild Lamps show up on the inner three reels and are expanding wilds, meaning that they cover the entire reel and replace any other symbol in a winning combination. Genies give you free spins. Three, four, or five Genies will give you 12, 25, or 50 free rounds, respectively. Moreover, during the free spins, prizes have triple values.

Reel Party Platinum

Reel Party Platinum takes place during a New Year’s Eve! The festive machine has 15 paylines spread across five reels, with an RTP of 94%. Concerning symbols, you have Father Time which grants you up to 100 free spins that come with a 3x multiplier! If you get three Champagne Bottles to show up, you’ll trigger the bonus round in which you go to a wine cellar and pick 3 prize bottles out of 12. Wild Babies are wildcards which substitute regular symbols. If you link up five Wild Babies, you’ll get the maximum of 5,000 coins!

You can place from $0.01 to $0.75 coins per spin.

One Million Reels BC

One Million Reels BC is one of the most popular Rival slots, and fans were very happy when they came out with a mobile version. A three-reeler with five paylines, this slot has a progressive jackpot which sends you all the way back to when dinosaurs and Raquel Welch walked the Earth. You can put one or three coins per line, and the coin size is fixed at $0,25. The RTP is 94%.

You need to connect three T-Rexes to trigger the jackpot which gives you 1,000 or 2,000 coins if you chip in with one or two coins. However, if you bet the maximum three coins, it’ll trigger the progressive jackpot meter which builds up the jackpot. The progressive jackpot prize is written out above the reels. The T-Rex also works as a wild, substituting other symbols in a winning payline.

Ocean Treasure

With an RTP of 96%, Ocean Treasure is a five-reeler with 15 paylines, where coin sizes can vary from $0.01 to $1. The slot machine takes you on an underwater adventure through the ocean where you spin flippers, snorkels, diving boats, and diving masks. You’ll notice it’s a game due to the fact that you don’t have to weed out any ocean plastic or toxic waste.

Regular symbols give you from 80 to 1,000 coins. If you spin five Wild Pufferfish, they’ll blow other symbols off the reels and replace them with others for many potential winning combinations. Moreover, Compasses are scatters which give you ten free spins, while three or more Bonus Giant Clams trigger the bonus round. During the bonus round, you’ll go to a screen filled with pearls, and you need to guess which ones hide the best prizes.

Scary Rich 3

Scary Rich 3 is the third installment of the successful slot series. It’s a 3D slot with five reels and 50 paylines, where the coin size limits go from $0.01–$0.25. It’s another spooky slot game with horror symbols and unsettling sound effects that will send chills down your spine!

Regular symbols (rusty keys, skulls, lanterns, etc.) can give you a payout anywhere from 5x to 600x your initial bet. You will be extra pleased to learn about the free-spins feature of this particular slot. The symbol of an old man activates this bonus mode, and you need to connect three, four, or five of them to get free spins. Namely, depending on how many of them you’ve got, you can get 6, 66, or 666 free spins! If the reels turn in your favor, you’ll be able to cash in great prizes. And with the fact that wilds become expanding in free-spin rounds, your dollar-shaped eyes will pop in and out like a Looney Tunes character!

The RTP is 93.85%.

Vintage Vegas

Vintage Vegas is a five-reeler with 50 paylines, and you can bet up to ten coins with a value between $0.01 and $0.25. Be ready to go on a trip to old-school Las Vegas, where mechanical slots are spinning and mobsters fill out tables. Symbols take shape of casino games and casino-related images. For instance, Roulette Wheels are a scatter symbol which gives you free spins. If you get three, four, or five Roulette Wheels to show up, you’ll receive 10, 20, or 60 free spins, respectively.

Wild Cowboys, as the name says, is a wildcard which substitutes other symbols in a payline. Moreover, they are also a jackpot symbol. If you connect five Wild Cowboys, you’re in for a 15,000-coin prize.

Cleopatra’s Coins

Cleopatra’s Coins Rival Mobile Slots

Cleopatra’s Coins is another Rival slot with a retro theme. This one takes place during the ancient Roman and Egyptian empires when Cleopatra and Caesar had their world-famous fling.

The slot game comes with an RTP of 95%, and it has 15 paylines spread across five reels. There are three bonus symbols in the game — Scarab Beetle, Golden Coin, and Poisonous Asp. The Beetle will replace base game symbols to give you a selection of winning combinations. Simultaneously, it can give you a great prize. If you get five Beetles in the same spin, you’ll receive 5,000 coins. Golden Coins trigger bonus rounds where you smash urns to see which prizes they hide. Lastly, Asps can give you up to 100 free spins, during which the prizes get tripled.

Sevens and Bars

We’ll end up with a good old-fashioned three-reeler which has only one payline. There are no bonus rounds nor free spins; it’s just a simple, straightforward slot machine which will allow you to kill some time. It comes with an RTP of 95%.

As the name suggests, they had a classic “7s & Bars” approach to this game. Sevens, depending on the color and your bet, are worth from 60 to 600 coins. If you mix a red, white, and blue, you’ll get a 5x multiplier. Bars pay out between 20 to 120 coins, while the mixture of bars and sevens can give you up to 2,500 coins.

Best Mobile Slots by Rival

And there you have it! That was our pick of ten best Rival mobile slots. They offer captivating graphics with plenty of free spin offers and bonus rounds which will keep you entertained for hours on end! We’ve chosen these ten because they are highly engaging all the while they give you great odds to win some money.

For a quick recap, here’s a table of the slots with their features.

SlotRTPReelsPaylinesJackpotFree spinsBonus
Dr. Acula94.60%351,000yesno
Party Parrot93.74%525250yesno
Arabian Tales95%5501,000yesno
Reel Party Platinum94%5155,000yesyes
One Million Reels BC94%35progressivenono
Ocean Treasure96%5155,000yesyes
Scary Rich 393.85%5502,500yesno
Vintage Vegas94.55%55015,000yesyes
Cleopatra’s Coins95%5155,000yesyes
Sevens and Bars95%312,500nono

Now you can take out your phone and visit a Rival casino, which will automatically redirect you to its mobile version, making online gambling even more convenient than before! As always, just don’t overdo it. Good luck!

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